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Driver Offer 2022


Commision Driver


This is driving one of our fully insured vehicles for an agreed minimum number of hours per week.

50/50 split with driver paying for fuel. All other vehicle costs to be paid by A&J taxis

Work will include airport transfers, school runs, rank work etc.

Needs to make at least £700 income to pay in £350

Other driver can and will use the vehicle.


Lease Driver


Driving one our fully insured vehicles for a rental of £350 per week.

Fuel to be provided by driver. Maintenance costs to be met by A&J Taxis

Hours / days / times as wanted by driver – unlimited hours available.

Exclusive use of vehicle. You may decide to put one of our insured commission drivers in it of a weekend to earn an income. You would earn 25% of their income, 25% to A&J to cover higher maint cost.


Owner Driver


Drive your licensed & insured Denbighshire Hackney or PHV

You provide the insurance.

Unlimited earning potential (most profitable & cheapest option)

School run provided if available.

Airport work provided.

Contract work provided.

£60 per week base rent (with yearly adjustment)

Put any licensed driver you like in the vehicle to earn additional money (insurance permitting).

Minimum Example Price for new vehicle with Car & Cab Care settle buy.

2022 Kia Nero Self Charging Hybrid

£2600 deposit built to Hackney spec

£250 per week for 137 weeks including insurance and servicing, vehicle yours after 137 weeks.

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